11049 Lakeridge Pkwy
Ashland, VA 23005
Contact: Noelle Baker
  1. All deliveries must be shipped providing inside delivery.
  2. The name of your brochure must be on the outside of each carton sent to us.
  3. Note the quantity of brochures on the outside of each carton.
  4. Band your material in consistent quantities (100 is the preferred quantity, but banding is a requirement.) *If your materials arrive loose and unbundled in their cartons, your organization will be charged $50.oo/hr. to bundle and organize the collateral.

Not adhering to these four steps could result in your materials being delayed or rejected for distribution.

If you have any questions regarding shipment or packaging guidelines, please email Noelle Baker at or call (804)545-5520.

(Shipments are limited to 2 pallets of materials. If your shipment is larger than 2 pallets, please contact Gary Jeffrey for assistance. Without prior authorization the delivery may be refused.)

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