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About Beth


I have been collecting nature treasures since I was a kid!  A few years ago I realized that I could sell rocks to support my habit.  After moving to Florida in 2017, I joined the local rock and fossil clubs; digging and sellare are my passion!


Guests at my shop, Elemental Art, will find the largest selection of Florida fossils in the area, as well as shells to send north to the grandkids!


I am also proud of the metaphysical polished stones and crystals selection that I offer.  Quartz, tourmaline, and unusual pieces for energy work, reiki and feng shui are an important part of our inventory.


I look forward to meeting you and sharing stories about rocks!

Phone: 239-841-0423

Contact: Beth Meyer
5100 S Cleveland Ave Ste 101, Booth 134
Fort Myers, FL 33907
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