About Us

Ole (Richard L.) was born in LeMars la., home of Wells Blue Bunny Dairy (where his father was General Sales Manager). He grad­uated from Michigan Tech with a degree in Business and Marketing, and recently retired from his profession of 40 years as a contractor for cold storage warehouses.

Ruth (Goff) was born in St. Joseph, Mo., and earned degrees at the University of Missouri (BA in Political Science) and the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver (MA in International Relations). She taught in college several years before opening Dapple-Gray Antigues.

Ole and Ruth have two children. Nathan Johanson is President of Terrapin Technology Group, a computer consulting firm in Sacramento, Ca. He is married to Michelle, a free­lance public relations writer, and has two children, Ben and Lauren. Abe (Abraham), a bookseller for B. Dalton for several years, is part of the management team at Dapple-Gray Bed and Breakfast and Dapple-Gray Antiques.

Other members of the family include Ramesses, an Egyptian Mau; Lilly and Wolf, two dachshunds; and Wilhelmina, Rose, and Eeyore, three miniature Sicilian Donkeys.

Our namesake—the Dapple-Gray—a hand-carved Steeplechase horse built for the amusement of patrons to the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, will greet you in the entry as he has welcomed visitors to Ruth’s antigue shop for 50 years.

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